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Group Sensitivity Training

Over the last decade, DB Pargman Consulting has provided thousands of managers, executives, and employees with Sensitivity Training. Our program covers all the relevant topics: Diversity, Conflict Resolution and Harassment Prevention. Our skill lies in conveying to participants that they have a vested interest in these topics to protect themselves as well as the organization, and we get this message across through an entertaining and engaging program.

Our training sessions provide an opportunity for personal and professional growth. After the session, trainees feel energized and ready to implement what they have learned. We guarantee participants will thank you for providing them with the tools and information we offer.

DB Pargman Group Sensitivity Training Includes:

Harassment Prevention: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, as well as training on other legally protected categories is a necessary but not sufficient part of any management or employee training. The Supreme Court has spoken clearly, and EEOC guidelines reinforce the need to keep all members of the organization, but especially management and executives, aware of how to avoid and respond to any incident of harassment or discrimination. Our legal explanation is fascinating (yes, that is what trainees say!) and participants are grateful to be educated in this area which could determine the fate of their entire professional lives (and we speak from experience: we have trained hundreds of people 1-1 who have been implicated in harassment and discrimination situations and we see firsthand the turmoil it creates both in their professional and personal life). We give participants the information and most importantly, the tools they need to stay on the right side of these situations and to respond appropriately, as the law expects them to do, when they become aware of a situation that may involve harassment or discrimination. Again, both managing oneself appropriately and responding when one sees inappropriate behavior is part of being your Best Professional Self and protecting your career and your organization

Diversity Training: Of course, just training on the legally protected categories isn’t enough: people are sensitive about a variety of issues and these issues can cause significant workplace disruption even if they are not legally actionable. Diversity training is included in our programs to help participants understand themselves and their colleagues better, and to insure they are aware of significant demographic, social, and behavioral changes that have occurred in the workplace. This aspect of the training doesn’t tell anyone how to feel, or what to think, but it does highlight ways of speaking and interacting with people who may believe differently than you, or have different life experiences. Our goal is to “sensitize” participants so they can make informed choices about their speech and behavior. We never lecture, we never preach; rather we offer thinking points and speech and behavioral tips to help participants be their Best Professional Self.

Management Skills Development: We teach conflict resolution, active listening, and mediation techniques to help build trainees communication and management skill set and to help them maintain an optimal work environment. Developing these skills will help managers to identify small problems and address them before they grow larger or have a chance to fester. Participants enjoy this very practical section of the training and many contact us after the program to share how they have used the techniques and tools we provide to resolve workplace conflicts. We love to hear from trainees and they are always welcome to call us for additional coaching on how and when to utilize these methods.

For more information about one on one sensitivity training, click here.

Group Sensitivity Training Benefits:

Sensitivity Training Made Simple

  • Organizing group trainings through DB Pargman Consulting is a simple process; you name the place, we handle the logistics. Request our program overview to get started.

Prevent Harassment Cases from Slowing Your Company Down

  • Participants learn how to avoid and, if necessary, respond to inappropriate workplace behavior thereby minimizing legal and human resource costs.

Protect Your Company

  • Supreme Court cases make it clear that preventative training can be part of a legal defense against punitive damages in harassment cases. Don’t miss this opportunity to get this important “insurance” for your organization.

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